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A Song of Tangents and Terrors

     The content of this Blog is inspired by the podcast “Game of Feels”, a recap by creators Dez, Gee, Steffin, and me, Anica Stormdrain of house Targaryen, definitely first of my name,  the burnt-out, Queen of iCloud, Queen of the Andals and the First Generation Dominicans, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea,  re-setter of passwords and Mother of Dragons, butt-pincher of witches, and writer of the First Blog, winner of the war of the Bay of Dragons and house with the red door, (whew!) and I have decided to let my run on sentences post on and on the Weekly Feels for your amusement.  I have to respect the long internet tradition of wild, unsubstantiated interpretations of our most beloved series, complete with sentences that run marathons, but please resist this crazy TLDR world and hear me out for a while.  I know that Dez and and I would really enjoy your feedback, comments, suggestions for topics, and all of the feelings about these topics in general, so we can tell Steffin and Gee about it in our audio podcast Game of Feels, where they will make fun of you—with you.  They’re laughing with you!



     I make absolutely no claims to be a professional analyst for the show Game of Thrones, or the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, but since this universe has been expanding for decades to include the wild theories of its fanbase, I will take liberties in these writings that may later turn out to be a spoiler, or a what-if gone wrong, or the ramblings of a greyscale madman.  I will do my very best to avoid references to any outright spoilers, and any plot-lines mentioned in the book that have not been at least hinted at in the show.  I make no promise here, since the show combines and condenses various plots and characters to save a little attention span for the audience.  Please seek out the many metaphysical explanations for time travel on Game of Thrones for a good laugh about how implausibly hard this is.  For what it’s worth, I’ll try to keep it on the less spoily side.