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Game of Feels

Weekly Feels presents: Game of Feels an Unofficial Podcast about the HBO original series Game of Thrones

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Hodor?

Weekly Feels

Episode 2 has dropped! Will Bran ever go home again? But like, in real life? Will Arya survive Faceless Fight Club? JON SNOW LIVES!!!!! Join Anica, Steffin and Dez as they lament over the lack of direwolves, but freak out over the morsel of a Tyrion/Dragon scene. Take heed! For the podcast is dank and full of spoilers! 

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Episode 1: Game of Feels is here!!!!

Weekly Feels

Welcome to the first official episode of Game of Feels, where thoughts and feels are discussed on the HBO series Game of Thrones! Will we get Jon Snow Jesus? Were the Sand Snakes or Dorn actually anything? Where the hell are the Direwolves? Join Anica, Steffin and Dez as they essentially gush all over the season 6 premiere. Take heed! For the podcast is long and full of spoilers!

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